Monday, May 2, 2011

The devil and Bin Laden

DEVIL: “Welcome, Mr. Bin Laden. We’ve been waiting for you. While I expected you sooner, we’re glad you’re here.”

BIN LADEN: “It’s a bit hotter than I expected here. I trust that you have superior accommodations for me similar to my palace where those American infidels invaded my privacy and shot me through the eye.”

DEVIL: “Yes, yes, a very nice accommodation for you, sir. And, we have a doctor on staff who can take a look at that nasty looking left eye. I’m sure he can repair it—Dr. Martin Bormann is an excellent physician.”

BIN LADEN: “Good, good…now, let’s take a look at where I’ll live.”

DEVIL: “Live? Hmm…that’s an interesting choice of words. But, yes, follow me down to our special wing of suites. We have a very nice place for you here—you’ll be next to Mr. Hitler and just down the hallway from Pol Pot and Genghis Khan. Watch out for that Khan fellow though—a bad temper, that one. You’ll also notice that we keep the temperature nice and hot for you fine fellows down here. You'll have no square meals a day, zero water and you'll burn here forever. Enjoy!"

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