Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday morning coffee

Happy Memorial Day weekend, dear readers! Here in the Midwest, it feels like anything but the unofficial start of summer given cool temps and cloudy skies.

Let's throw it around a bit, shall we?

- Check out 715 restaurant in Lawrence. The small-ish space, in one of downtown Lawrence's historic buildings, is modern yet intimate. The focus here is fresh ingredients--yesterday's menu included lamb fresh off a local Kansas farm. Everything we had, from smoked salmon appetizer to cauliflower soup to spinach and ricotta ravioli was first-rate. And, the grilled peach with homemade vanilla ice cream was the topper to an excellent meal.

- If you're not watching The Killing on AMC, you need to catch up.

- Speaking of AMC, Jon Hamm will follow in fellow actor John Slattery's footsteps and will play a role behind the camera on Mad Men. Hamm is directing the series' first show of Season Five with filming not starting until August of this year. The series will begin airing again in early 2012.

- For fans of The Hobbit, director Peter Jackson has caused a stir by casting Orlando Bloom, in his Lord of the Rings role of Legolas, in The Hobbit movies. The issue, for purists, is that Legolas doesn't appear in J.R.R. Tolkien's Hobbit novel. One post on Jackson's Facebook page accused the director of "blatant fanboyism."

- Leave it to Lawrence to come up with this. In Kansas City, we have "First Fridays" in the Crossroads District, a monthly celebration in the midst of art galleries in the Union Station/Freighthouse area of town. In Lawrence, they have "Final Fridays," a quirky art exhibition where, in last night's case, student artists displayed their wares in a vacated space downtown.

- Motorists in Los Angeles recently lined up at a local gas station. The occasion? A computer glitch allowed unleaded gas to be purchased at $1.10 a gallon instead of the usual $4.29 per gallon.

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