Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who should host the Oscars

The test was to see if youthful co-hosts--Anne Hathaway and James Franco--could pull in a younger viewing audience to watch the Academy Awards telecast. The result? Failure.

Not only did Hathaway and Franco fail to deliver any excitement to the deathly dull show, but the ratings among the younger demographic did not materialize either. That then begs the question, "who should host the Oscars?"

One of the biggest ovations of the evening was for Billy Crystal, who was recognized for his former host role on the telecast. Given Crystal's reception, which seemed to be a "save us from this debacle" reaction, perhaps it's time to bring Billy back as the host for the show.

Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law were perhaps the funniest presenters of the evening. Their banter would work well as co-hosts. And, what of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, co-hosts in 2010, and two guys who've done their sharing of hosting on Saturday Night Live--good practice for the live nature of the Academy Awards show.

How about Jimmy Fallon? Or, Jimmy Kimmel? If the desire is a younger demographic viewing the show, those two guys would seem to have more pull than Hathaway and Franco.

Whatever the decision, it's obvious that this year's hosts will pull a David Letterman, i.e., a "one-and-done" on the hosting role for ABC's Academy Awards show.

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