Monday, March 7, 2011

Comings and goings

- Well, road warriors, the irritation of paying to have your bags fly with you is only going to get worse, according to a story in today's Wall Street Journal. Last year, the airline industry brought in an estimated $22 billion, or 5% of total revenue, through fees charged for checked bags, pillows, snacks and other items. Look for airlines to find even more ways to gouge travelers by charging for things like more legroom, liquor and even insurance for delayed flights. In other words, get ready to spend even more money to fly the friendly skies.

- Hugh Hefner has succeeded in taking Playboy private. The struggling magazine will now be owned by Rizvi Traverse, a private investment firm, Hefner and other executive management. Rizvi Traverse will own 60%, Hefner will own 37% and others in executive management will own the remaining 3%. Hef remains as editor-in-chief and chief creative officer.

- There's no crying in basketball! What's up with Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra admitting that a few Heat players were teary-eyed in the locker room following the team's fourth straight loss yesterday, this one to the Chicago Bulls?

- Thank goodness for Sly James and Mike Burke. Kansas City, MO voters have two very good choices for their new Mayor, which will be decided in the April election.

- What is it that is so compelling about watching scorned women confront the guy who jilted them? Tonight's episode of The Bachelor is the pre-final show where the women who didn't receive a rose get to have cat fights with each other, then turn their collective cat claws on bachelor Brad Womack.

- Kristen Kalis, a Pennsylvania woman, accidentally flushed her wedding ring, valued at $10,000, down the toilet on Valentine's Day. Kalis called several plumbers who told her a search was pointless but, finally, found someone who would take on the job. A company named Mr. Rooter used a shop-vac to empty the sewage trap outside the house, rummaged through the waste for three hours, and finally found the ring. Said Kalis, "Between God and Mr. Rooter, my prayers were answered."

- What do you all think of the new Dancing With the Stars lineup? That's what I thought--snooze.

- According to, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson may be rekindling their romance. Perhaps Ronson missed her 15 minutes of fame.

- Mariah Carey is raising the bar for expectant mothers. The vocal diva, who is expecting twins, is tricking out the nursery with two walk-in closets, a gold-and-onyx couch--value $1 million, and flat screen TVs which will descend from the ceiling. And, each child will be given a diamond-encrusted iPod upon arrival into the world. Carey is spending millions to convert a wing of her Beverly Hills mansion into this "luxury nursery."

- Need further proof of the changing face of media consumption? There is a "store closing" sign in the Blockbuster video store a mile from our home.

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