Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday morning coffee

Notes and quotes as I await tip-off of Kansas versus Missouri on CBS:

- Google may have failed to acquire Groupon but the internet company made 48 different acquisitions last year.

- Quote of the week: What else? "Winning!," Charlie Sheen.

- Speaking of Sheen, the dude is scary. This saga is going to go from a public amusement to some sort of dramatic meltdown with serious ramifications for others--whether his children, his ex-wife, or an innocent bystander.

- Secondary quote of the week: "That's chickens--t defense." Bob Knight, on ESPN GameDay, after a demonstration of a late-in-game clock play versus fellow ex-coach Digger Phelps.

- The rules of basketball, written by James Naismith, are making an appearance in Kansas City, MO. The typed and handwritten rules are being displayed in the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, just in time for next week's Big 12 post-season tournament being played at Sprint Center.

- James Franco, fresh off a less-than-stellar co-hosting gig at the Academy Awards telecast, has a new project lined up with rock group R.E.M. The group announced the Collapse Into Now Film Project, a selection of films which are personally curated by lead singer Michael Stipe and will accompany each song on R.E.M.'s new album, due this coming Tuesday. Franco will direct one of the films on the project.

- If you haven't checked out Lights Out on FX, you should do so. While the acting isn't first rate, the storyline is compelling.

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