Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Musings in the midst of Snowmageddon

- Has there ever been a winter storm which has been the subject of more analysis, speculation and discussion? And, it seems that everyone wants to name this one--Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, the Blizzard of Oz (here in good ol' Kansas.)

- As a student of language, when did the word "party" officially become a verb? And, how often have the words "party" and "Charlie Sheen" been used together in the past two months?

- Relax, Super Bowl attendees--the forecast for Dallas is that temperatures will reach a high of 61 on Sunday. And, the plan is to close the roof on Cowboys Stadium by game time. Today in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, it's a balmy 20 degrees for a high with snow showers in the forecast.

- Classic rockers still rule when it comes to touring revenue. In 2010, the top five acts on tour were classic rockers and one band which has been around for awhile. According to Pollstar, Bon Jovi was the number one tour with a total gross of $108.2 million for 51 shows. Rounding out the top five were: Roger Waters, $89.5 million, 56 shows; Dave Matthews Band, $72.9 million, 62 shows; The Eagles, $64.5 million, 42 shows; Paul McCartney, $61.8 million, 21 shows. Those five were followed by Lady Gaga, James Taylor and Carole King, Black Eyed Peas, John Mayer, and Justin Bieber.

- Just in time for Valentine's Day is Fling, Mars' new chocolate and hazelnut candy bar which the company is aiming at the female market. The confection, wrapped in pink and silver packaging, is promoted with advertising which uses the phrase "pleasure yourself." In announcing the product, the company used language which was rather, shall we say, provocative, i.e., "wrapped in a shiny pink and silver package, this chocolate finger is intended for women." I'll reserve any editorializing on the product and approach but, seriously...!?

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