Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Best liked, and most memorable, Super Bowl ads

Nielsen has released their post-Super Bowl research on which advertising performed best--both as the best-liked as well as most memorable. And, only three ads made both lists--two spots for Doritos and the NFL montage featuring old TV clips.

Here are the lists:

Best liked--

1. Volkswagen "Little Darth Vader"
2. Bridgestone "Beaver saves driver"
3. E-Trade "Baby next to sneezing cat"
4. Doritos "Man licks crumbs"
5. Doritos "Housesitter brings grandpa back to life"
6. Volkswagen "Beetle"
7. NFL "TV clips montage"
8. Chrysler "Eminem represents Detroit"
9. Bud Light "Dogs work at party"
10. Audi A8 "Men break out of luxury home"

Most recalled--

1. Doritos "Pug breaks down door"
2. Budweiser "Cowboy in saloon"
3. Doritos "Man licks crumbs"
4. Pepsi Max "Couple on first date"
5. Pepsi Max "Soda can shoots out of cooler"
6. Snickers "Lewis and Barr"
7. Doritos "Housesitter brings grandpa back to life"
8. NFL "TV clips montage"
9. GoDaddy.com "Joan Rivers"
10. Bud Light "Kitchen redesign"

The objective is to be both well-liked as well as memorable. So, while I'm not a fan of the work, it's hard to argue with what Doritos has accomplished with their recent Super Bowl advertising.

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