Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mid-week musings

It's "hump day" boys and girls and the weather here in the good ol' Midwest is causing us to break out the flip flops and clean up the golf clubs. Let's check what's going on out in the wacky weather world.

- Shades of Office Space--the average American worker's personal space shrank from 90 square feet in 1994 to 75 square feet last year.

- Thank goodness I didn't grow up in Virginia! A high school student there was recently suspended for shooting spitwads, through the hollow body of a pen, at fellow classmates. Police said the 14-year old student violated the school's zero tolerance weapons policy. Really!?

- Quote of the week: This came from actor and well-known womanizer Jack Nicholson, who recently turned 73. Said Nicholson to the London Daily Mail, "There were points in my life where I felt oddly irresistible to women. I'm not in that state now and that makes me sad. I'm definitely still wild at heart. But, I've struck bio-gravity. I can't hit on women in public anymore--it just doesn't feel right at my age."

- Eric Clapton is performing again, this time with Wynton Marsalis. The classic rocker and jazz trumpeter will play three shows at New York's Lincoln Center in April. "Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton Play the Blues" will have the duo backed by a seven-piece band and will feature songs by Howlin' Wolf and Louis Armstrong.

- More and more workers are doing it remotely. And, Esquire UK magazine offered up the following hints at how to best work from home: (1) Set up a real office, (2) Get properly connected/hooked up technologically, (3) Stick to a schedule, and (4) Don't go stir crazy. On the last item, the magazine suggests going out for lunch and making small social interactions part of your routine.

- You saw Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand re-united on the stage at the Grammys. Now we learn that the movie which the two starred in, A Star Is Born, will be re-made by director Clint Eastwood and will star Beyonce. Rumor has it that the 1976 original movie co-stars may make cameo appearances in the re-make.

- Why does American Idol have all of the finalists initially perform as part of a group? It's like having a star student downgraded by participating in a group project with a bunch of under-achievers.

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