Friday, December 3, 2010

Thoughts on language

- What's the most over-used wrong word in our language? Of late, it appears to be "anyways." There is no such word, people, it's "anyway."

- So...have you noticed how many conversational sentences lately start with "So...?" It seems to be the ultimate, utility lead-in to a conversation.

- This is the time of year for holiday parties. All you party hosts, the correct spelling is "hors d'oeuvres."

- A much used word in business is vet, as in "I'll 'vet' the idea around." Yet, try to find the word/verb in the dictionary. The origin apparently derives from the word veterinarian and was used to describe the action taken when examining an animal closely.

- I wonder why Twitter didn't insist that people "twitter" versus "tweet." Think of brands which have become verbs--Google, Fed Ex, Xerox. To have your brand name end up as a verb in one's language has worked pretty well for these companies.

- Jilted Clevelanders who attended last night Cavaliers-Miami Heat game, and the return of LeBron James, greeted the returning superstar with jeers and boos. When James attempted a free throw, a large number in the crowd began chanting "Akron (James' hometown) hates you." Really!? Have you ever thought about how loosely many of us throw around the word "hate?" It's a game, and while we may dislike how James handled his departure from Ohio, is it truly "hate" that these fans are feeling?

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