Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday morning coffee

- I trust everyone had a wonderful Christmas with no rocks in their stockings.

- This weekend's newspapers, and media outlets for the coming week, will be flush with "best" and "worst" lists from 2010. Why do we feel compelled to distill a year of activity, in a given area (sports, entertainment, business, technology, and on and on), down to a simple list? In today's Kansas City Star, author Teddy Wayne, said "people are comforted by seeing the chaotic detritus of the world collected in a form that creates coherent meaning out of an irrational universe." Hmm...okay.

- Why is it that as soon as Christmas Day ends--and even before the end of the day--the Christmas music playing on local radio stops along with the Christmas and holiday-themed movies appearing on cable and network channels? Why don't we start all of that programming a week later and continue it through the week between Christmas and New Year's Day?

- What did Tiger Woods do for Christmas? El Tigre was spotted courtside at yesterday's Orlando Magic home game against the Boston Celtics. Meanwhile, Elin Nordegren and the couples' children were in Sweden celebrating the holiday.

- According to website Assignment X, one of the options considered for the end of the television series, 24, was to kill off Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland. The website interviewed the show's executive producer, Howard Gordon, who admitted to the thought of killing off Bauer. Said Gordon, about writing that optional scene, " felt too depressing. I think it would have been a really depressing moment. I don't think it would have been surprising, I think it would have been more depressing than surprising. In a strange way, that's probably the ultimate tragedy and probably the most politically correct ending, but it wasn't something anybody wanted to commit to."

- Back to Tiger...Gillette announced that it will not renew its endorsement deal with Woods. The ending of this multi-year deal isn't the only one Gillette is terminating--the company is also ending relationships with athletes such as Lionel Messi, Thierry Henry and Kaka. Others like Roger Federer, Derek Jeter and Alex Ovechkin will be retained by Gillette.

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