Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorites of the year

Over the past year, I've listed out many of my favorites from travel, entertainment, dining and the world of gadgetry. Here's my look back at 2010 favorites:

Hotel: The Campton Place in San Francisco is consistently a terrific place to stay in the city by the Bay. The hotel is small-ish, has a terrific restaurant, attentive staff, and rooms which are well-appointed.

Television: In a close call, Mad Men gets the nod over other stellar shows Friday Night Lights, 24, Boardwalk Empire, Glee, Rubicon and The Good Wife.

Gadget: Surprise, surprise, my gadget of the year is the iPad, a device which has changed my media consumption habits. Honorable mention: HTC EVO 4G, only from Sprint.

Restaurant: Peter Luger's, Brooklyn, NY. Zagat's "best steakhouse in America" did not disappoint when I visited there earlier this month.

Book: Unbroken, the book I just completed, written by Laura Hillenbrand, was the best book I read this year--it once again reinforces the amazing resolve of those who were involved in World War II.

Campaign: Could it be anything but the Old Spice campaign, "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like?"

Commercial: I don't know if this work has affected Kia sales, but I laugh every time I see one of the Kia Soul commercials featuring the hamsters.

Movie: Inception.

App: Rdio takes the prize followed by Flipboard, Zinio and Howcast.

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