Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It was a good year for (part two)...

Here are more winners in 2010:

- Antoine Dodson: "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife..." A classic YouTube clip made Dodson a household name.

- Betty White: This Golden Girl was ubiquitous, highlighted by the Facebook campaign to get her a host slot on Saturday Night Live. It worked...

- Vuvuzelas: These plastic horns created an audio backdrop for this past summer's World Cup, thus gaining an entry in Webster's Dictionary.

- Procurement departments: Recession=tightened corporate budgets=power to the procurement department. Who knew Supply Chain Management could be so sexy?

- Steve Buscemi: A classic character actor, Buscemi took a leading man turn in HBO's Boardwalk Empire, and became a Golden Globe and Emmy-worthy candidate.

- Jay Z: It wasn't his song but Jay Z's duet with Alicia Keys was this generation's version of what Sinatra sang about in New York, New York. Jay Z also toured internationally with U2, played Madison Square Garden with Eminem, hung with LeBron and D-Wade, and went home at night to Beyonce.

- Chilean miners: Perhaps the feel-good story of the year...

- Jonathan Franzen: Franzen sealed his stature as American's preeminent novelist with Freedom.

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