Thursday, September 9, 2010

Team popularity in the NFL

There is a recently issued "popularity index" for NFL teams which takes into consideration the local and national television ratings for individual teams coupled with traffic on the team's website and number of mentions on the Internet. The study was commissioned by Nielsen.

So, who do you think is "most popular?" Of course, it's "America's Team"--the Dallas Cowboys. And, FOX Sports should be happy as seven of the top 10 teams are NFC teams--the conference covered by FOX versus CBS, who has the AFC.

Here is the list:

1. Dallas Cowboys
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
3. New York Giants
4. Chicago Bears
5. Green Bay Packers
6. Minnesota Vikings
7. Philadelphia Eagles
8. Indianapolis Colts
9. New Orleans Saints
10. New England Patriots
11. Washington Redskins
12. Denver Broncos
13. San Diego Chargers
14. Cincinnati Bengals
15. Tennessee Titans
16. Baltimore Ravens
17. Arizona Cardinals
18. New York Jets
19. Miami Dolphins
20. Buffalo Bills
21. Cleveland Browns
22. Atlanta Falcons
23. Carolina Panthers
24. Kansas City Chiefs
25. Oakland Raiders
26. Detroit Lions
27. San Francisco 49ers
28. Houston Texans
29. Seattle Seahawks
30. Jacksonville Jaguars
31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
32. St. Louis Rams

1 comment:

  1. I'd like to see this as a more historical look at the popularity of these teams. For example, the 49ers I think are much more popular through the last 30 years than what's let on with these rankings. Also, not to be a homer but the Chiefs are low because of the recent downturn. The Vikings would have never been in the top half in the 80's. Correct me if I'm wrong.