Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday morning coffee

- Apple has launched a new social networking service on iTunes called Ping. Ping allows others to follow you and your music. Thus far it's in its infancy as I've successfully created a profile but have found few to follow.

- Isn't the term "reality show star" an oxymoron?

- Back to iTunes--the uber-successful digital music service could soon have none other than Google as a competitor. According to Reuters, Google is considering launching a music download store, like iTunes, and a "song locker service" that would allow users to access their music libraries from anywhere, via the Internet. This development makes the music labels happy as Apple has had a near monopoly on the market. Apple's closest competitor, the MP3 store of Amazon, only boasts a 12% market share.

- It's not the best week to attend the U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York. Early in the week, scorching temperatures blistered competitors and fans. And now, Hurricane Earl is wreaking havoc with the tournament's schedule.

- Remember the vuvuzela from the World Cup--the plastic horns whose noise became a constant audio backdrop to any match played in the competition this summer? The word "vuvuzela" has now made it into the Oxford Dictionary. Other new words include "overleveraged," "defriend," and "bromance," which is a close friendship between two men.

- This falls into the category of "be careful of what you say and who you say it to." A Colorado man was banned from a Safeway store after offending an employee. What was the crime? The man was charged with pointing to the buxom employee's chest while ordering chicken breasts. He said "I like the large ones" and swears he was referring to the chicken, not the employee.

- Can parents and Facebook co-exist? 76% of parents with teens on Facebook have "friended" their kids. And, 29% of the teenagers on Facebook say they would "unfriend" their parents if they could. The teens are twice as likely to unfriend Mom than Dad. comment.

- Finally, here is my Labor Day admonition. It's not called "Labor" Day so that you can work--take it easy this weekend.

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