Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mid-week musings

- Is there a more clueless branding campaign right now than Drake University's "D+" campaign? I know Drake alums and think highly of the school but, wow...seriously!?

- Disappointment is picking number one in your Fantasy Football draft, selecting Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans...and having the dude get all of 3.3 points in week two. Ouch.

- Today is Larry Hagman's 79th birthday. Hagman's name is likely not familiar to today's current generation but in the 1980s, his star shown brightest on the small screen. Hagman was the star, J.R. Ewing, of Dallas, a prime-time soap opera that aired from 1979-1991, and which eventually was named to TIME magazine's "100 Best TV Shows of All Time."

- Speaking of Dallas, last night's debut of Lone Star was sort of a "Dallas meets Friday Night Lights." It's a good show--tune in next Monday on FOX...and I won't spoil the premise for the show here.

- Boardwalk Empire's first episode this past Sunday on HBO did not disappoint.

- Elizabeth Moss, who plays Peggy Olson on Mad Men, has filed for divorce from Fred Armisen of Saturday Night Live fame. Rumor has it that Moss' Scientology beliefs split the marriage.

- Sunday's episode of Mad Men, in which Moss/Olson plays a central role, was one of that series' best ever.

- Brutus the Buckeye, mascot for Ohio State University, will not file charges after being viciously attacked this past Saturday by the Ohio University Bobcat mascot. The Bobcat waited until Brutus' back was turned, at the OSU-Ohio football game, and then pounced. He tackled Brutus again, after the Buckeyes' mascot gamely got to his feet, with the crowd booing lustily at the offending Bobcat. The mascot--actually, Brandon Hanning, the man in the mascot costume--later admitted that he'd tried out for the Ohio U mascot role just so he could tackle Brutus. Hanning, not surprisingly, is no longer enrolled at Ohio University. The school has sent an apology to Brutus...and to Ohio State University.

- The Situation was quoted as saying "I kinda sucked on 'Dancing.'" Uh, yeah, that's being kind. Perhaps the surprising standout last night on Dancing With the Stars was ex-North Carolina Tarheel and Los Angeles Laker, Rick Fox.

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