Monday, July 5, 2010

Wrapping up a holiday weekend

Here are some odds and ends as we wrap up a holiday weekend:

- Noted rock musician and songwriter Robbie Robertson turns 67 today. Robertson, a member of The Band, was voted #78 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of top rock guitarists. Of late, Robertson's claim-to-fame has been his frequent collaborations with Martin Scorsese. Scorsese directed The Last Waltz, a rock documentary about The Band and still called by many critics as the best rock movie ever. The two lived together during that filming and, admittedly, consumed many drugs during that early 1970s time period. Scorsese would ultimately ask Robertson to compose the music to Raging Bull, his classic film about boxer Jake LaMotta. It would be the first of many collaborations as Robertson has since worked on The Departed, Casino, Gangs of New York and The Color of Money.

- Speaking of rock movies, the Black Eyed Peas are planning a 3-D concert tour movie directed by none other than James Cameron. Said, "We have the biggest director because we have the biggest group on the planet."

- Given the short amount of time in the NBA offseason, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade had better make a decision quickly on where they intend to play next season. What would the sports media do in the summertime if not for mini-dramas to follow like the LeBron/D-Wade sweepstakes, conference realignment, Brett Favre's retirement/un-retirement, and Michael Vicks' latest transgression?

- Dive of the week: It's nice to see that Charlie Hooper's (Brookside neighborhood, Kansas City, MO) hasn't lost a step. The bar has been open for 30 years and boasts the best beer selection in the city--over 150 bottles and 30 drafts. And, best of all, the beer is always cold. The food at Hooper's is very, very good with a nice menu now of typical bar offerings coupled with healthier fare. The joint draws an eclectic mix of locals, blue-collar types and young urbanites.

- And you think Kansas basketball/Kentucky basketball/Notre Dame football fans are passionate with high expectations? How about Brazil soccer? Brazilian soccer coach Dunga, and his staff, were fired yesterday after the team lost to the Netherlands in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. Brazil will host the next World Cup in 2014.

- Why are Vampires "hot" right now?

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