Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ray's Hell Burger

Several months ago in this space, we wrote about Ray's Hell Burger in Washington, D.C. and the President's and Vice President's surprise visit there one day for lunch.

Well, the Obama/Biden visit did wonders for Ray's business. Since that lunch last year, owner Michael Landrum has opened his fourth restaurant and expanded the original dining room at this now famous dive.

Today's Los Angeles Times contained a front page story on the Obamas love affair with food and the impact their willingness to dine out has had on the D.C. food scene.

It's refreshing that the President and First Lady don't cocoon themselves in the White House. Not only are they dining out frequently, but they are doing it at a variety of restaurants, particularly ones which are consistent with Michelle Obama's agenda of healthy eating and reducing obesity in children. To their credit, the Obamas do slip in the occasional meal which features a burger--whether at Ray's or Mrs. Obama's favorite, Five Guys.

In all cases, the restaurant appearances are highly sought after given the positive impact on one's business--from fine dining venues to burger dives.

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