Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday morning coffee

- Eight kids in Lindsborg, KS found a lot of money--$7,000 to be exact--and gave it the local police. In an interesting twist, the police were able to trace the money back to a local woman who had collected the money for a memorial for her late husband. Word of the good deed got out in the local community and money came in, along with letters of commendation from citizens, for the do-good kids. Each received $150.

- Rick Reilly, who is on ESPN's golf announcing team, is a terrific writer but can be a goof on camera. Reilly insisted yesterday that no stoppage should have occurred with British Open play, even though winds were so severe that players couldn't mark their balls on greens. In one unfair--or comical, depending upon your point-of-view--situation, a golfer had a 20-foot putt which turned into a 40-footer given that the wind blew his ball across the green.

- There were over 37,000 people at Kaufmann Stadium last night to see the Royals lose, in typical style, to the Oakland A's. And, I swear, 20,000 of them had to be standing in line at the concession stands throughout the night. Perhaps that's the current fate of being a Royals fan--the play on the field can be so frustrating that fans are left to hit the beer stands and stand in line for Sheridan's custard. Last night's effort featured last year's Cy Young winner battling his control, coupled with two errors plus the usual more hits than the opposition...but fewer runs.

- Did you hear about the woman in Bishop, TX who won $10 million with a Texas lottery scratch-off ticket? She previously had won $5.4 million in the lottery in 1993, followed by $2 million in 2006 and $3 million in 2008. There was no word in the report about how many lottery tickets she purchased to achieve this amazing feat.

- Perhaps our focus on safe driving should move from cell phones to the radio. A report out of Britain found that drivers who listened to sports radio bacame so absorbed in the games that their reaction time slowed by up to 20 percent. That equates to the same as driving while drunk. What's puzzling is that this took place in Britain, a country who's primary sport is soccer--not exactly a sport with tons of scoring action and frequent ups-and-downs in broadcast activity.

- The Old Spice campaign is receiving a ton of much-deserved industry buzz. The work is similar to the Dos Equis "World's Most Interesting Man" campaign in that it puts a truly differentiated spin on a product category which has been awash in sameness for years.

- Speaking of buzz, it appears that Christopher Nolan's Inception may be the movie of this summer. The general sense is that the film is visually stunning and action-packed thus creating a product which will sell tickets in a down movie summer. The movie opened yesterday.

- And, finally, Paris Hilton may soon be joining Snoop Dog and Willie Nelson on the "I love my weed" list. The heiress was detained at a private airport on the French island of Corsica after authorities discovered that she had pot in her purse.

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