Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday morning coffee

- Tonight we get to enjoy Betty White as guest host of Saturday Night Live, given the power of social media and the Facebook campaign which caused NBC to name White to this slot.  Earlier this year, over 500,000 people, on Facebook, pretty much demanded that White be named to a guest host role.

- Welcome back Friday Night Lights!  The best drama on television returned last night on NBC, fresh off its 13 week stint on DirecTV.  I've made this plea before and will make it again--do yourself a favor and go back to watch the initial seasons on DVD.  This is a tremendous show about small-town life in America and deserves your attention.  Kyle Chandler, as head coach Eric Taylor, leads a stellar ensemble cast.

- That collective sigh of relief you hear is from Kansas, Kansas State and Big 12 fans upon reports that Big 12 athletic directors were invited to attend the Pac 10 conference meetings for "discussions."  Nebraska A.D. Tom Osborne could not attend, due to a scheduling conflict, but Missouri A.D. Mike Alden did meaning one of the two schools reportedly being considered for the Big Ten is in attendance.  (Unfortunately, neither Texas A.D. Deloss Dodds or Kansas A.D. Lew Perkins could attend either.)  A merger or joint venture between the two leagues, in their current states, would result in a 22 team conference which might be a bit unwieldy for scheduling purposes.  If MU and NU bolt for the Big Ten, then a 20 team league becomes a bit more realistic.  The Big 12 is appealing to the Pac 10 as it desires schools, and match-ups, in time zones which provide more television exposure across the rest of the country.

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