Friday, May 14, 2010

Joe Po on Trey Hillman and the worst team in baseball

My favorite sports columnist, Joe Posnanski, in  his blog today writes about the Kansas City Royals' firing of Trey Hillman.  And, as usual, the best media observer of our local ballclub hits it out of the park.

In summing up his column, Joe Po gives all Royals fans a reality check, re-emphasizing that this is a pretty pathetic team currently on the field.  Posnanski writes,

"And the Royals? Well, make no mistake, the big reason they have lost the last three years is not because of Trey Hillman, it is because they are a bad baseball team. They are a team with a dull lineup filled with old guys, a last-in-ERA pitching staff overflowing with underachieving young starters and a mess of a bullpen. There’s no magical solution here. Ned Yost may give the team a boost, he may not, but when it wears off this is a 90-loss team waiting to lose 90 games. Their future is in the future, built around a handful of young players in the big leagues and minor-league prospects who, at least for the time being, look promising. In the meantime, this is a Royals team that no longer looks young or bold like they did in when they hired Trey Hillman not so long ago."

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