Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rainy day musings

- Which major sport draws the most female fans?  If you answered NFL, the logical choice, you'd be wrong.  The correct answer is college football with a mix of 48% women/62% men.  The next is NFL and Major League Baseball, 41%/59%, and then Major League Soccer and NBA at 40%/60%.  (Source:  Scarborough Sports Marketing, February 2010.)

- Another nugget from the Scarborough sports study is that no major U.S. sports property has seen a bigger decline in its male 18-34 fan base, in the past few years, than NASCAR.

- This coming week is upfronts week in New York.  The "upfront" marketplace is the time when major TV networks kick off the fall/winter selling season--a time when the networks sell about 75% of their advertising inventory.  Each network will present their fall lineups next week, beginning with FOX, who starts the proceedings on Monday.  FOX ordered twice as many comedies as dramas from writers this past spring, hoping to find another breakout smash like its musical comedy, Glee.

- Happy birthday today to Mike Oldfield.  Oldfield isn't exactly a household name in the music world, but in 1973 his Tubular Bells album, with music featured on the huge movie hit The Exorcist, was a surprise success.  The title track went all the way to the Billboad Top Ten, even though it was an instrumental, and is often cited as the beginning of the New Age music movement.

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  1. Mike:
    A little known fact about Tubular Bells. Richard Branson owned the record company that Tubular Bells was released on. It was Virgin's first hit and started a long and very profitable career for Sir Richard Branson.