Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Your brew and you?

What does your beer say about you? Mindset Media, a market research firm, recently conducted an online survey and found that specific personalities fit with specific beer brands.

The research company interviewed 2,600 people in August and September and found distinct linkages with the type of person interviewed and the beer they consumed. Additionally, those who drank a variety of beers were much different than those who were loyal to one brand.

What kind of beer drinker drinks Budweiser? They are "sensible, grounded and practical." Bud drinkers don't easily get carried away--they are emotionally steady. Bud loyalists can be spontaneous and tend to not do much in the way of advance planning.

Ok, then what about those who drink Bud Light? These folks are much different than their full-taste brothers and sisters who drink Bud. Bud Light drinkers respect authority but also can have "frat boy personalities. These good time guys and gals are accepting of most everyone and generally easy to get along with."

Here are traits of other beer brand loyalists:

Michelob Ultra - Similar to the commercial where the good looking young male executive dashes out of the office to put on running gear and then meets up with an equally fetching female exec for a run, Michelob Ultra drinkers think highly of themselves and can be a bit conceited. They want to appear perfect.

Blue Moon - Those who drink this beer probably don't realize it's brewed by Molson Coors. They are socially liberal and are usually quite willing to go against convention. These are people who are more likely to drive hybrid cars and use Apple Mac laptops.

Heineken - In a word, these folks are "posers." They get low scores on modesty and high scores on self-esteem. They love the brand badge value of Heineken and are generally attracted to luxury products.

Corona - Those who drink Corona and Corona Light are ones who will most likely ask "where's the party?" They seek out the company of others and generally are the life-of-the-party. But, they also have an altruistic side--they see themselves as "giving" and "warm."

Craft beers - Specialty brew drinkers are more likely to spend time thinking about beer than about work. They are more open-minded than most, seek out interesting experiences and are intellectually curious. This group doesn't get stressed about deadlines.

People who drink a broad portfolio of beers are different than those who stick with one brand. These are people who, generally, are more open-minded and emotional, and they enjoy a variety of life experiences. The researcher in charge of this survey at Mindset Media suggested that this might be the group most positively affected by a brand, and campaign, we did not mention--Dos Equis and "I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis."

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