Friday, November 20, 2009

FORTUNE's "CEO of the Decade"

Love him or not, Apple disciple or not, it's hard to argue with the impact Steve Jobs has had on American commerce and industry. FORTUNE magazine recently highlighted that impact by naming Jobs their "CEO of the Decade."

However, it wasn't until reading the profile that I considered the FORTUNE writer's point about Job's impact across four different markets. In the past 10 years alone, Jobs has radically changed the music, movie and mobile telephone businesses. And, that doesn't even take into account his impact on his original industry--computing.

Most of the past captains of industry that you might name have had impact on one category, e.g., Henry Ford with automobiles or Conrad Hilton with hospitality. But, in Jobs' case, he not only impacted four different industries but he also impacted those which already existed, making his accomplishments even more astounding.

The piece is worth a read--it's the cover story in the November 23 issue.

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