Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving musings

Musings on a vacation day prior to tomorrow's Turkey Day--and tryptophan overdose...

- Good Morning America decided that Adam Lambert's performance on the American Music Awards was too over-the-top for them and decided against having the American Idol runner-up appear on morning television. Hmm--isn't this the same network who, the day before, said tha the number of complaints they received about Lambert on the AMAs wasn't "out of the ordinary?"

- The crowd at the Sprint Center last night for the final night of the CBE Classic (mens basketball) was paltry, at best. If 5,000 were in the building, that was counting concession employees. (The announced attendance was 7,226.) The upper level was draped off as ticket sales for a field of Texas, Pittsburgh, Wichita State and Iowa was disappointing. Organizers understand that a local team has to be in the field and thus Kansas State will make its first appearance in the CBE next November. That field will include Duke, Marquette and Gonzaga, in addition to KSU.

- Are holiday movie-goers really going to spend discretionary dollars, at this time of year, to see a movie as depressing as The Road? Cormac McCarthy's apocalyptic tale seems a strange entry into the holiday movie lineup.

- Show of hands--how many are deep-frying turkeys this year? This cooking technique seems to be gaining momentum as the way to prepare a bird this Thanksgiving. It's nice to see American adopting something which originated out here in the sticks.

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