Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Top magazines

Advertising Age magazine came out with their list of top magazines and you may be surprised at the list. Ad Age not only considered traditional measures like circulation and number of ad pages but, more importantly in the new world order, titles which have become brands, produce revenue through non-traditional methods and also offer up cross-media platforms.

The top three magazines are all focused on women--#1 is Women's Health; #2, Better Homes & Gardens; and #3, Family Circle. What's startling--at least to me--is that BHG started publishing in 1922 and Family Circle in 1932. So, major kudos to those two titles for their longevity and continued relevance.

The top ten magazines list was as follows:

1. Women's Health
2. Better Homes & Gardens
3. Family Circle
4. The Economist
5. People
6. Essence
7. The Week
8. Backpacker
9. Cosmopolitan
10. National Geographic

People, founded in 1974, is the only Time Inc. title on the list. And, perhaps not surprisingly, that company today announced major layoffs across a variety of their magazines.

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