Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday morning coffee

- USA Today compiled its list of Emmy nominations, now that the official television season is over, and the Best Drama lineup is a hard one to call. USAT's nominees are The Killing (AMC), Mad Men (AMC), True Blood (HBO), Justified (FX), The Good Wife (CBS) and Boardwalk Empire (HBO.) My wish would be this list but with Friday Night Lights (NBC) replacing True Blood.

- The finale of Army Wives (Lifetime) is tonight. And, while there is some horrid acting on this show, the story lines about life in the military are really first-rate.

- Apple has blinked. According to Friday's Wall Street Journal, Apple has relaxed its guidelines for digital content sales through its App Store. The changes will give magazine, newspaper and video publishers more freedom over how they price and sell their content to owners of Apple's devices. Google has been much more aggressive, with attractive terms, in wooing publishers for its Android app store.

- Ford plans to pump new life into its Lincoln luxury brand. Later this year, the car company plans to give Lincoln a new identity by highlighting its production of high-tech luxury vehicles.

- Both ABC and NBC will try to emulate the success of Mad Men by debuting period shows this fall. Pan Am will appear on ABC and NBC will have the Playboy Club, both shows set in the 1960's. I can see the Playboy Club possibly making it but wonder about Pan Am--how many potential viewers even remember that airline and brand which went away in 1991?

- One of my favorite blues guitarists, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, turns 34 today.

- Here's another proof point about the shifting tide of manliness--television network executives are saying that they heard more pitches, this year, than ever before about the changing dynamics of men. The recently announced fall lineup will include shows like Man Up, about three men "who struggle with what it means to be a real man in a world of Axe ads;" Free Agents, with Hank Azaria in the role of a divorced office worker; and Work It, about two guys laid off in a car dealership who must dress like women to get a job selling pharmaceuticals.

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