Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday morning coffee

- If you need a summer TV show for viewing, it's not too late to catch up on The Killing. Available on AMC On-Demand, the show traces the murder investigation of a Seattle teenager, Rosie Larsen over the course of 13 days (episodes.) The show airs on Sunday nights on AMC and will conclude on June 19.

- Mark Wahlberg turns 40 today. The former rapper, who claims to have had "20-25" run-ins with Boston Police during his younger days, has done quite well for himself as an accomplished actor and producer of film and television.

- The Starlight Theatre season opens this week with The King and I. Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba) plays the role of the King of Siam--quite the way for Kansas City's best outdoor venue to kick off another stellar lineup of musicals. This summer, the theatre will also feature 9 to 5, Cinderella, Mamma Mia, Guys & Dolls and Xanadu.

- Talk about grouchy--a wealthy lumber baron, Wellington Burt, died in 1919 but did not allow his $110 million fortune to be split among his heirs until 21 years after the death of his last grandchild. You see, Burt hated his immediate relatives, thus he placed the restriction on his inheritance.

- In perhaps a bit of life imitating art, January Jones (who plays ice queen Betty Draper on AMC's Mad Men) has revealed that she's pregnant--but she's keeping the identity of the father secret. One rumor is that Jones and director Matthew Vaughn became quite close on the set of the upcoming X-Men film. (Vaughn is married to model Claudia Schiffer.) Jones also dated Saturday Night Live--and Kansas City and University of Kansas alum--Jason Sudeikis last year. Much like her character on Mad Men, Jones is being very secretive.

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