Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Checking back in after the hiatus

Hello, dear readers of MNQ...sorry for the too long hiatus from my blogging responsibilities. Let's catch up a bit, shall we?

- SPOILER ALERT: Viewers of The Killing didn't take kindly to the lack-of-closure with the recent season finale. AMC'S acclaimed drama ended season one with a cliffhanger ending after tempting viewers that the final episode would wrap together the "whodunit." Charlie Collier, president of AMC Networks, said, "If I could do anything differently, it would be to manage expectations."

- Rolling Stone magazine issued yet another "greatest" special edition--this one for "The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time." Not surprisingly, The Beatles were voted number one by the all-star voting panel followed by Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. The list is heavily made up of classic rockers and iconic R&B and blues legends, with a few more recent rock and rap/hip-hop acts thrown in. Notable artists were U2, who was voted #22, Nirvana #30, Public Enemy at #44, Metallica at #61, Eminem at #83 and R.E.M. at #97. Others in the top ten were Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Little Richard, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles.

- Now, this is eco-friendly, huh!? The Toronto Zoo sent 3,000 tons of feces from rhinoceroses, giraffes, bison and other animals to a new biogas plant. The power plant converts the animal waste into heat, fertilizer and electricity. Who knew that poop had such power?

- During the same week that same-sex marriage was being ratified in New York, an overzealous security guard at a Minnesota Twins game chastised a lesbian couple. The guard, after the couple had a quick kiss, told them not to do that, saying "Here in the stadium, we adhere to the Ten Commandments." The Twins have since reprimanded the security guard.

- Many of Los Angeles' and Hollywood's power elite like to golf. And, the clubs they call "home" come with a pretty steep price. The Hollywood Reporter provided the following information on fees, and notable members, at these elite L.A. country clubs: Riviera Country Club, $250,000 initiation fee, members include Mark Wahlberg, Adam Sandler, Dennis Quaid and Ari Emanuel (the inspiriation for Jeremy Piven's Ari Gold character in Entourage); Bel-Air Country Club, $150,000 initiation fee, members include Jack Nicholson, Quaid, Luke Wilson and Tom Cruise; Lakeside Country Club, initiation fee of $80,000, members include Nicholson, George Lopez and Justin Timberlake; Brentwood Country Club, initiation fee of $180,000, members include Joe Roth and Ron Weiner (30 Rock); El Caballero Country Club, initiation fee of $45,000, with members like Kevin James, Ray Romano and Irving Azoff.

- Esquire magazine published their annual list of the "best bars in America." And, as usual, the local region had little representation on the list. Bars from this area which made the cut were Replay Lounge, Lawrence, KS; and R Bar, Kansas City, MO.

- Independence Day weekend is almost upon us. So, here goes with your stain removal guide for barbecue sauce, which will flow abundantly this holiday: Rinse with cold water, then sponge the stain with white vinegar. Rinse, apply detergent to the stain, and let sit for 10 minutes before rinsing again. Repeat. There now--you can't get that kind of personal care advice just anywhere, can you?

- 53% of Americans say "sexting"--exchanging sexual communications over the Internet or via cell phones--while in a relationship is cheating; 17% say it isn't; and 30% say "it depends." Depends on what, you third of those surveyed? (Source: The Economist)

- And, finally, speaking of sexting, here's a record to be proud of--during his 14 years as a congressman, Anthony Weiner sponsored 191 bills. Not one of them passed.

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