Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

- listed out the best father-son combinations in the history of college football. Not surprisingly, the Manning family took first place--father Archie (Mississippi) and sons Peyton (Tennessee) and Eli (Mississippi.)

- In a survey of over 700 parents of kids 12 and under, Ipsos found that fathers are spending 50% or more time than mothers with their children online, playing video games and going to movies, live theater and sporting events. Whereas Mom is the one noted as more often handling the cleaning and cooking duties, Dad is making time to largely do the fun stuff.

- In the celebrity Dad category, here's some insight into what those crazy Kardashian gals are planning to get their dad, Bruce Jenner, for Father's Day. "Kourtney, Kim and I--we're gonna, because he got his ears pierced, maybe go in on a pair of diamond studs," Khloe Kardashian said. "We need to jazz him up a bit." Who knew that when Jenner won Olympic Gold and appeared on a Wheaties cereal box that he'd eventually end up as Daddy to these three.

- The Christian Science Monitor writes that fathers are more active as parents than their male counterparts of a generation ago, but more kids than ever are growing up without a father even living in their home. According to researchers, the institution of marriage is more accepted by those with college degrees and higher incomes compared to working-class families with lower levels of education. On the high end of the demographic, fathers are more engaged, as noted in the Ipsos research cited above. On the lower end, fathers more often are absent. The Pew Research Center, this past week, released the data under the heading "A Tale of Two Fathers." The sobering data point is that more than one-in-four fathers with children under age 18 live apart from their kids.

- What are the top five cities for Dads? Newsweek/The Daily Beast compiled the list based upon fathers-per-capita, educational quality, quality time with kids, cardiologists (heart disease is the number one killer of men, 25-54) and Father's Day fun (e.g., number of golf courses, number of sports bars, etc.) Here is the list: #5 - Tampa, FL; #4 - Orlando, FL; #3 - Gilbert, AZ (a suburb of Phoenix); #2 - Scottsdale, AZ: and #1 - Irvine, CA.

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