Saturday, February 21, 2009

Whatever happened to Sundays?

Is it just me or has Sunday become too much like any other day? Sure, we don't officially work but how many of us find ourselves online, particularly on Sunday night, in order to prepare for Monday and the work week ahead? How many of us use Sunday to go to the grocery store, to Target, or to run other "errands?" How many of us have athletic events for our children? Even going to church has changed in that Sunday now can contain church committee meetings, choir practice and other activity.

Are we missing what Sunday used to be--a true day of rest? We couldn't run to the store because stores weren't open. Athletic leagues knew better than to schedule games on Sunday. And, churches seemed to understand that Sunday afternoons were meant for family activity--usually a family dinner where extended families and friends gathered in fellowship.

I miss the old Sundays.

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