Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar observations

Looking good:

- Natalie Portman--Beautiful in pink.

- Robert Downey, Jr.--Great tux, Ironman.

- Anne Hathaway--Pretty dress; not so sure about the hair.

- Sean Penn and Robert Wright Penn--Great to see Spicoli and Jenny (Forrest Gump) back together.

- Evan Rachel Wood--Whoa...

- Brangelina--Thank goodness Brad ditched the porn star moustache look.

- Taraji Henson--Great dress, beautiful necklace...and, goodness, is the girl perky!

- Daniel Craig--But, he looks just like he did in the Bond movies, huh? (Dude can fill out a tux...)

Looking questionable:

- Mickey Rourke--Not sure what to make of the outfit, but it fits the Rourke persona.

- Ron Howard--It's too bad he can't wear a ball cap with his tux.

- Jessica Biel--Girlfriend, did you run a brush through that hair?

- Kate Winslet--Grey and black?

- Amy Adams--Bad dress color, weird necklace...

Looking awful:

- Beyonce--Hard to say Beyonce didn't look good, but c'mon...what is with the dress!?

- Phillip Seymour Hoffman--Dude...the skull cap?

- Penelope Cruz--Who would have thought she'd make a "looking awful" list but the dress and hair...not flattering.

- Danny Boyle--Where does one go to get a haircut like that?

- The Price Waterhouse Coopers accountants--Just kidding...not awful, but they did look like accountants.


- Interesting to see Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick on the red carpet together, given the rumors.
- How did the Angie-Jen rumble turn out? I didn't hear but understand that Jen was feeling very confident since she had her man on her arm and could defiantly look Brangelina in the
- Ben Stiller doing his best Joaquin Phoenix impression was hysterical.

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