Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What was YOUR first concert?

At a business meeting a couple of weeks ago, we had a large group so an icebreaker was employed to get the group better acquainted. The question that everyone had to answer was "what was your first concert?" The answers ranged from Bruce Springsteen to Depeche Mode to Motley Crue to Menudo.

Mine was Chicago. As I quickly pointed out, it was the pre-power ballad Chicago, with the original group, including Terry Kath, master guitarist who later died of an accidental gunshot wound. I attended with several friends and the concert was at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS.

What was your first concert? E-mail me or post your experiences and we'll include them here.


  1. My first concert was loggins and Messina at Brewer Field house in Columbia, Mo. Bobbi