Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday afternoon check-in

- Well, gee, it looks like I've got a fun trip coming up this week.  Travel & Leisure magazine rated my destination--New York City--as the dirtiest city in America.  Gotham was also rated as the rudest and loudest city.

- Arnie, the beagle, was busted for grand theft in Largo, FL.  The pooch, pet of Corey and Hope O'Kelley, consumed $275 worth of the couple's cash and was only found out after the owners sifted through the dog's vomit and excrement to piece together a few shards of the downed dollars.

- Shoppers in Kansas City got a jolt with news that IKEA is coming to town in 2014.

- This could only happen in America and, specifically, L.A.--O.J. Simpson thinks that Khloe Kardashian is his daughter and has added her as a beneficiary in his will, according to the National Enquirer.  The Juice believes that he fathered Khloe in a 1983 affair with her mother, Kris Jenner.

- Today's data point:  70% of Americans support efforts to require voters to show a photo I.D. card at the polling place.  (Source:  New York Times/CBS News poll.)

- Did you know that there is a soundtrack for the hit mommy porn book, Fifty Shades of Grey?  Yeah, I didn't either.

- The Emmy award-winning show Homeland debuts Season Two tonight on Showtime at 9:00 p.m. CT.  It is "must see" TV.

- This had to be a "for sale by owner" situation--a homeowner in New Jersey put a "for sale" sign in his lawn which read "House for sale by owner, because my neighbor's an a--hole."  Nice...

- And, finally, the saddest story of the week is that Lady Gaga's weight is even a "story."  The singer has recently gained 25 pounds, prompting criticism from fans and observers.  She revealed this week that she's struggled for years with bulimia and had recently put on weight by eating pizza and pasta at her father's restaurant in New York.  Gaga has asked for "compassion" and I, for one, think that is the least that we can do.  Move on here, people--there's nothing to see.

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