Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday morning coffee

- It's a big week for TV viewership as many shows begin their winter/spring season of new episodes. Alcatraz (FOX) starts tomorrow night, Justified (FX) starts season three on Tuesday night as does season four of Southland (TNT) and American Idol (FOX) begins on Wednesday.

- If you've been wondering "whatever happened to Adam Lambert?," you can catch up with the American Idol star on Tuesday night when he appears on Jay Leno. (And, in full disclosure, the whereabouts of Lambert haven't been keeping me up at night.)

- In the "I can't wait" department, author Tom Wolfe (Bonfire of the Vanities) is reported to have a book coming out in 2012 about Miami and immigration.

- The state of Colorado is usually a state one associates with good health and smart eating habits. Yet, Coloradoans celebrated Cinnamon Roll Day on January 8. Now, I like a good cinnamon roll as much as the next guy but who knew we could have a day dedicated to this delicious treat? Sam Tollison, a 10-year old in Colorado, collected over 100 signatures on a petition to give the snack its own day. Governor John Hickenlooper was so impressed that he agreed to grant this special day and make it into law.

- In the "you can't make this 'stuff' up" category, residents of a Fresno, CA apartment building received quite the surprise recently. A stolen car ended up on the building's roof after the perpetrator/driver, fleeing in foggy conditions, struck a curb, bounced off rocks and a tree stump, went airborne and landed 20 feet off the ground. The car was later removed from the roof by a crane.

- If you're reading this and are a college undergraduate, majoring in architecture, here's a word to the wise--get out! According to a new study by Georgetown University, unemployment for college grads is highest among architecture majors. Why? The researchers cite the collapse of the housing market as the culprit. (Source: New York Times)

- And finally, in this election year, more and more Americans are identifying themselves as independents. 40% of Americans now say they are independents, compared with 31% who say they are Democrats and 27% who say they are Republicans. (Source: Gallup)

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