Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday morning coffee

- In the never-ending category of "no lack of material," we turn once again to the world of business language and the increasing use of the term "perfect storm." This phrase is being used to describe when a series of conditions comes together to create a "perfect storm"--sometimes in a positive way and sometimes in a negative. I would remind my business colleagues who use this term that the origination of the phrase comes from the book and movie of the same name--the story where all but one member of the ship perish in the "perfect storm."

- Singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins turns 64 today. And, for those who of you who only remember Loggins as the voice behind hits like "Danger Zone," there was a time when he was a part of a hit duo, Loggins and Messina. Loggins teamed with Jim Messina, at the beginning of his career, in the early to mid 1970s and together they created hits like "House at Pooh Corner" and "Danny's Song." Messina's roots were with classic, country rock bands Buffalo Springfield and Poco.

- How are those New Year's resolutions coming along for you all? Yeah, I thought so...

- I made the move this week from an Android device to the iPhone 4S. And, while my past two Android wireless phones have been outstanding, there is simply something about the Apple operating system which, as a friend says, "just works." The UI is unmatched and the touchscreen keypad is lights years better than on my last device.

- Here in the ol' cowtown, Southwest Airlines is our primary airline option to go from here to there. And, for those of you who have flown Southwest, you know that they have an employee culture of having fun and creating a unique flight experience for their guests. Personally, I'm not a fan of the singing flight attendant who typically has a song prepared for the aircraft's landing but those I fly with like this little touch of humor versus the normally surly attitudes which seem to be the hallmark of other airlines' attendants.

- Target has split with longtime advertising agency Weiden & Kennedy. Target's former Chief Marketing Officer worked well with W&K before his departure to J.C. Penney, thus the move is not totally surprising.

- Coming up: The premiere of season three of Justified (FX) is January 17. Tune your DVRs now.

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