Monday, July 25, 2011

Rant alert: Air travel

Those who are frequent readers of Musings, Notes & Quotes know that I have a low patience level for the current state of air travel in the U.S. After a full week of travel and another trip to come this week, let me expand upon my travel beefs:

- To the family of five: Do your homework and figure out that you can check in online at Southwest Airlines' website. And, also understand that those in the coveted A1-A15 slots in line paid a small premium for their tickets and also checked in prior to heading to the airport--thus they are not going to jump up to willingly give up aisle seats so that you and your three darling children can sit across the width of the airplane. (Footnote: My traveling companion, stuck next to said three "darlings," had this to say after exiting the plane last week--"I have changed my point-of-view about waterboarding." Word.)

- To the guy with the oversize duffel: The airline may not have been doing their job by allowing you to carry on this small body bag but all of the rest of us cowboyed-up and paid attention to directions. You should too--check the damn bag!

- To "chatty Kathy" sitting next to me: If my headphones are on and my face is buried in my iPad or Wall Street Journal, that is code for "please, I'm not being rude but I'd prefer you talk to the dude next to you who has no paperback, no newspaper and no apparent need for entertainment on the four-hour flight to San Francisco."

- To the guy who seemed to think that nudging me in the security line would actually make my briefcase and other items get through the x-ray machine more quickly--back off, bucko.

- To Southwest Airlines: I just want you to know how much I appreciate the lack of multiple direct flights to my intended destinations, thus setting up the dreaded "ladies and gentlemen, this is a totally full flight..." announcement on the airplane's intercom.

- And, finally, to those who think the current Kansas City International Airport is a fine facility: Really!? Have you spent any time in KCI recently in the overcrowded Southwest terminal or had your flight delayed with the only food options a Quizno's sub or pre-packaged salad which was likely made last week?

Whining? Yes, probably so. But, thanks for listening--I feel better. Now, off to KCI...