Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Comings and goings

- Bridesmaids officially passed Sex & the City as the highest grossing female-based comedy ever.

- In local Kansas City news, Oklahoma Joe's is rumored to be soon opening a third barbecue restaurant, joining the original location off of Mission Road and the newer, suburban venue in Olathe. The speculation is that Okie Joe's will take over the former TGIFriday's space at 119th and Roe in Leawood.

- Glee's Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson) will be a regular cast member when the season begins anew in the fall. And, Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans) will occasionally appear on the show but will no longer be a regular actor on the hit series.

- Blair Underwood is going to make his Broadway debut in Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire. Underwood is best known for his small screen turns on The Event, L.A. Law and Dirty Sexy Money.

- Quote of the week: The View host Joy Behar, when she heard that Oprah Winfrey wanted to interview O.J. Simpson if he'll confess to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, said, "Oprah said her dream interview is O.J. Simpson. I can't wait for this to happen...I always wanted to know O.J.'s favorite things."

- According to various sources, American Idol judge Randy Jackson has been pitching a talk show concept to potential buyers. The proposed show would not be limited to just musical guests.

- And finally, I keep expecting a fantasy fashion league to start so that we can all guess Kate Middleton's wardrobe selections for the three days she'll be in Los Angeles with that Prince William fellow.

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