Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Odds 'n' ends

- Women are better investors than men because they don't take as many risks with their money, according to a new study by Barclays Wealth and Ledbury Research. Women in the survey tended to buy stocks and hold them, trading less and thus more likely to earn more.

- If I would have told you a couple of years ago that a show called Pawn Stars would be one of the most successful on cable television, you would have laughed, right?

- Please don't tell our cat but being obese apparently has its advantages. Eddie, a 15-pound cat in Manhattan, was resting on a terrace recently when a red-tailed hawk swooped down and carried him off. Alas, the hawk wasn't able to hold on to chubby Eddie for long and dropped him in a garden behind a nearby building. Eddie fell five stories but escaped with minor scrapes and bruises. Eddie's owner had this to say, "The moral of the story is that your flaws can be an asset."

- A South Carolina couple claims that they see the face of Jesus on--get this--a Wal-Mart receipt. After returning from church recently, the couple noticed that the receipt had become discolored and looked to bear the image of a bearded man's face. Jacob Simmons, the holder of the receipt, said, "The more you look at it, the more it looked like Jesus." Everyday low prices, indeed!

- This week's TIME magazine writes about how men and women share work at home. While most believe that women carry the load at home with tasks like food preparation, child care and housework, TIME's research found that men and women with full-time jobs have almost equal total workloads, with or without kids under 18.

- Captain America is definitely a three star-out-of-four movie. If you go, be sure and stay through the credits in order to see a special trailer previewing The Avengers, due in theaters next summer.

- The Harry Potter movie franchise has earned $6.37 billion at the box office over the past decade. What's amazing is that exceeds the annual GDPs of more than 50 countries.

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