Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday afternoon college football

- Brad Nessler is the best play-by-play guy doing college athletics.

- The FOX Sports Network studio show is simply painful to watch.

- Only Texas would have the player holding the Texas flag come out first in front of the guy with the U.S. flag.

- Is there a more mediocre coach in football than Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Robinson? Robinson had losing stints as head coach at Kansas City and Syracuse and now is tearing it up in Ann Arbor.

- Dave Lapham is the captain of the trite, over-used sayings. Today's favorite? Lapham used "Heat-seeking missile" to describe players who tackle and hit hard.

- Kansas is looking frighteningly like the teams of the Terry Allen era. Slow? Check. Soft? Check. Ill-coached? It seems...yes.

- Is there a better college football atmosphere than the Oklahoma-Texas game each fall at the Cotton Bowl?

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