Thursday, October 7, 2010


Esquire magazine conducted their annual survey of American men and published the findings in the recent edition of the magazine. The survey results acknowledge that there are more 50-year olds than any other single-age group. The second largest single-age group is--surprise--20-year olds.

Let's look at some key findings of the research and this 30-year gap between the two biggest single-age groups:

- Not surprisingly, both groups consider President Barack Obama the best role model for young men in America today. After that, the 20-year olds cited George Clooney most often while the 50-year olds named Billy Graham.

- 28% of the 20-year olds consider Anderson Cooper (CNN) the most reliable news source; 34% of the 50-year olds say it's Brian Williams (NBC.) Television still remains the primary news source for both groups.

- The research asked "when was the last time you played a video game?" 57% of 20-year olds said "today" while 40% of 50-year olds said "over a month ago."

- The 50-year olds said that the 1970's produced the best music. The 20-year old, not surprisingly, said the 2000's.

- 80% of the 50-year olds believe in God compared to 69% of the 20-year olds.

- Among their toys and gadgets, the 50-year olds cite their computer as the one thing they would least want to live without followed by their television. The 20-year olds also say the computer as number one, followed by their mobile phone.

- Both groups consider--get this--Clint Eastwood as the coolest man in America, although the scores are tighter among the younger group. The 20-year olds had Eastwood, Obama and LeBron James as their top three. The 50-year olds had Eastwood (by a wide margin), Clooney and Obama.

Overall, the results showed the younger set to be more conservative in many of their social attitudes while the older group was less optimistic. But, they did agree on one final thing--the best job in America is to be an A-list movie star.

To see the full list of results, check out the October issue of Esquire.

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