Friday, October 22, 2010

College football predictions - week eight

Before we join the hype machine and get to our thoughts on the Oklahoma versus Missouri game, let's first stop and give a shout-out to the Oregon Ducks. Oregon destroyed a not-too-bad UCLA team last night, 60-13, thus stopping a string of losses by teams ranked #1.

Here's the lineup of week eight action:

Missouri over Oklahoma. Game Day on ESPN in Columbia. Jon Hamm (yes, Matt, I know he's a Missouri grad) as the likely celebrity "picker" from the host school. The Columns featured along with what I'm sure will be a visit to Booches by the Game Day crew. It's front page news in the Kansas City Star and is dominating the Kansas City media scene. My inclination is to automatically select Oklahoma given the fact that the Sooners have dealt with this hype pressure more frequently than MU, and given the fact that they are--well--Oklahoma. This Missouri team feels different, however, and it's because of its defense. The MU D is playing with more confidence each week and stud DE Aldon Smith may return for this game. It looks like rain may not be a factor tomorrow, which I think plays in Missouri's favor (remember their loss last year to Nebraska, in Columbia, in the rain?) I see MU winning this one by two.

Texas A&M over Kansas. Kansas has shown that they can lose in disappointing fashion (North Dakota State), lose on the road (Southern Mississippi), lose badly on the road (Baylor) and lose badly when given time to prepare (Kansas State.) So, it's not a stretch to say they will lose tomorrow, it's just a question of how. Texas A&M by 14.

Baylor over Kansas State. The Bears are fast. And, they're on the verge of becoming bowl eligible. It'll happen tomorrow in Waco.

Nebraska over Oklahoma State. Even though the Cowboys are undefeated and this game is in Stillwater, and even though T. Boone Pickens is miffed at Nebraska for leaving the Big 12, I have to call this a win for the Huskers. OSU's vaunted offense will be humbled by Nebraska's pass defense.

Auburn over LSU. LSU is a fraud. Cam Newton is the real deal. Auburn by 10.

Alabama over Tennessee. A classic SEC rivalry which, unfortunately, doesn't mean much these days.

Texas over Iowa State. The Horns will roll in Austin.

Colorado over Texas Tech. Dan Hawkins may be saving his job this season. I expect the Hawkins' season-of-revival will continue with a close win over Tech in Boulder.

Iowa over Wisconsin. I called Wiscy's upset over Ohio State last week. They won't replicate the feat this week. Iowa will win this Big Ten match-up in Iowa City.

Miami over North Carolina. North Carolina has won four games in a row even though their season has been one big suspension distraction. Miami has been up and down. Conventional wisdom might pick the Tarheels. I'm going with Miami.

Season predictions to date: 55-19 (74%)

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  1. I of course want MU to win, but Stoops just has Pinkel's number. I think OU wins in the end by 10-14 points.

    And I don't think Dan Hawkins can save his job. That guy got off on the wrong track 5 years ago, had the second funniest meltdown in Big 12 history (right behind Mike Gundy), and simply hasn't recruited the level of players needed to compete. CU just doesn't fit into this conference; I heard that 80% of their graduates live west of Denver. That doesn't translate to the Big 12.