Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday mornng coffee

- It was a scary moment in Vatican City, earlier this week, when a Christmas mass attendee jumped over the ropes and knocked down Pope Benedict XVI. Can you imagine that perpetrator's next confessional?

- The shocking announcement that Urban Meyer is stepping down as head football coach at Florida will have a huge ripple effect in college football. Who will be the next head coach? And, who then will take the job left by Meyer's successor? Or, will Athletic Director Jeremy Foley look to someone on Meyer's staff in order to better maintain continuity?

- This is the time of year for the "best of 2009" lists. And, once again I'll be reminded of all the "great" movies I did not see or books I did not read.

- A birthday shout-out goes out today to Karla Bonoff, who turns 58. Bonoff is one of the great songwriters of her generation, having penned tunes sung by artists like Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Lynn Anderson and Wynonna Judd. Bonoff is best known as the writer of many of Rondstadt's hits, including "Someone to Lay Down Beside Me," "Trouble Again," and "Goodbye My Friend."

- I'd like to know what percentage of the annual media budget is spent by automakers and dealerships over the last two weeks of the year? Auto ads are pervasive these days on TV, radio and in print.

- There are some classic Christmas movies which are "must see" each season. But, in perusing the channels over the past couple of weeks, there are an abundant amount of Christmas stinkers which are out there too.

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