Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Favorite TV spots of the year

I think it's always hard to pick out the best television advertising of the year. The commentary on "best" is typically driven most by entertainment value versus an underlying understanding of the creative brief and what the spot was supposed to accomplish.

So, with a focus more on entertainment than, perhaps, results, here are my personal favorites of 2009:

Apple "Mac versus PC"--

One spot of many from a terrific advertising campaign.


Kia Soul "Hamsters"--

I love the head nod, the bobbing heads and the tapping paw--what human hasn't done that when driving/riding in a hot car? Great stuff...


Nextel "Wedding"--

I know I shouldn't vote for work on which I was involved but this deserves mention due to its Emmy nomination this year.


Sprint Now Network--

Yep, I should recuse myself on this one too...but I'm not! Great advertising, and a Cannes Gold Lion winner.


Coke "Happiness Factory"--

Once you see this commercial, you have a hard time forgetting the imagery as you await your ice-cold Coke being birthed by the vending machine.

Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man In the World"--

This may be my favorite campaign of 2009--great advertising coupled with online and viral in a category always hard-pressed for work which is not sophomoric or sexist.


E-Trade "talking baby"--

I laugh every time I see this commercial.


VISA "Aquarium"--

The combination of unbelievable visuals coupled with the Moody Blues and Morgan Freeman's voice makes this one a winner. And, it's from a brand who's been making consistently good advertising for a long, long time.


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