Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random thoughts from New York

- Just back from Yankee Stadium. I'm not sure I understand what all they spent the $1.2 billion on...I mean, it's a nice stadium, but over a billion bucks?

- It's amazing that more people aren't killed by New York City cab drivers.

- The closing down of the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue into a pedestrian walkway was a good move to assist with the mass of walking humanity who populate Times Square on a weekend evening.

- Favorite New York moment thus far--the creep who grabbed a baseball out of a small girl's mitt after the ball was thrown to her by a Yankee player. The ball thief had his small son with him. I wonder how he'll make that a teachable moment? (For the record, the crowd around this guy piled on with plenty of verbal abuse, New York-style.)

- The New York media haven't taken too kindly this week to Tiger Woods' lack of enthusiasm for the Barclay's Championship, being played across the river at Liberty National in Jersey City. Woods has been less then complimentary of the tournament. In today's New York Times, Woods criticized, in a back-handed way, the length of the course by saying "we're playing from the ladies tees" and noted that most putts were "double-breakers," meaning the greens were over-architected.

- More on Sparks Steakhouse: On December 16, 1985, Paul Castellano, then head of the New York mob and a frequent diner at Sparks, was gunned down outside the restaurant on the orders of John Gotti. Castellano and a key associate were lured to Sparks for a meeting with Gotti only to be assassinated by a hit team which included Vincent Artuso, Joseph Watts, Salvatore "Fat Sally" Scala, Edward Lino and John Carneglia. Backup shooters were positioned down the street while Gotti observed the carnage from across the street. The steakhouse then became a place where Gotti was to be spotted often.

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