Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dive of the week

South of Denver is the town of Castle Rock, so named for the rock formation which you can see from I-25 which runs north-south between Denver and Colorado Springs. Head west on highway 87 from the Castle Rock area and you’ll run into a little burg named Sedalia, home of Bud’s Café and Bar. (The official address is 5453 Manhart Street but, be careful, you’ll easily miss it as there isn’t a stop light in Sedalia.)

Bud’s is a true mom-and-pop, small, quirky bar situated in an equally small town. But, its burgers are some of the tastiest I’ve ever encountered—piled high with pickles and onions. The beer at Bud’s is ice cold and the burgers are fresh and no frills. And, don’t expect to order fries, onion rings or a chocolate shake with your meal—all Bud’s serves is burgers, Lay’s potato chips, cold beer and hard liquor…and Pepsi. Don’t ask for any Coke products.

The cash-only joint is located about a driver and six iron from the southern border of the Castle Pines Golf Club, former site of The International, a PGA Tour stop. Players, caddies and fans all used to make Bud’s a stop as part of their attendance at the tournament, typically mixing with bikers and an eclectic group of locals.

Bud’s Café and Bar, Sedalia, Colorado—our dive of the week.

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