Monday, May 6, 2013

Is that sun I see!?

It's been awhile kids, perhaps because of the horrid, gloomy weather, so let's get back in the groove and kick it around a bit, shall we?

- Don't you worry about a world where someone can bear the moniker of "reality TV show star?"

- I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the term "lean in."

- Mad Men recovered its mojo in last night's episode.  Perhaps part of the reason was that it was an episode devoid of Don sleeping with his downstairs, same-apartment-building mistress and more about the machinations of the advertising world of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

- Speaking of mergers, what of the season ending episode of The Good Wife?  This particular cliffhanger was handled in the quality that we've come to expect from this CBS drama.

- The curmudgeon in me is getting less and less patient with the "look at how great my kid is" posts on Facebook.  And, speaking of Facebook, can we please have an "unlike" button?

- In the wake of last night's killer episode of Mad Men, a higher-than-normal number of media outlets ran opinion pieces on the show, including one referencing "Alpha Romeo."  Italian motorcar enthusiasts everywhere are gnashing their teeth--it's "Alfa."

- A recent story in Fast Company highlighted a "cadre of digital pioneers...rebooting the entertainment industry."  The list includes Tom Hanks, for his Electric City animated noir that was released on Yahoo and as an app that enhanced its graphic-novelesque vibe; Steve Martin, for his "absurdist talents on Twitter; Jessica Alba, the "world's most famous mompreneur" for her baby products e-commerce business, The Honest Company; to Neil Patrick Harris' Neil's Puppet Dreams on YouTube's Nerdist Channel.

- Keith Urban joined the Rolling Stones onstage at the first show of their new tour, which opened at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

- And, finally, the Big 12 conference is well represented on The Voice.  A student from Baylor University and one from the University of Kansas are among the show's 16 finalists.

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