Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mad Men--where we left off

"Are you alone?"

Those last words uttered on Season Five of Mad Men, a show with minimalist dialogue, left viewers wondering what that question portended for Season Six, premiering tonight on AMC.  In just a few hours, we'll get a chance to find out on the opening, two-hour first episode of this new season.

Here's where we left the main characters after Season Five's conclusion.

Don Draper:  Don heard the question "Are you alone?" from a beautiful woman while sitting in a bar.  In seasons past, we all know what would have happened next.  In the new world of married life with Megan, we're left to guess Don's response.

Megan Draper:  While Don was left to ponder the "alone" question in a bar, Megan was preparing to shoot a commercial that Don helped her to secure.

Betty Francis:  Bloated Betty, struggling with weight gain, was last seen in a moment of tenderness with her daughter, Sally Draper.

Peggy Olson:  Peggy left Sterling Cooper last season for a larger firm and more money, but will return this season, according to founder Matthew Weiner.

Joan Harris:  Last year was an eventful season for Joan--she split with her husband, slept with a client and became a partner at the agency.

Roger Sterling:  When last seen, Roger was tripping on LSD and seemed determined not to fade away in the brave new world of the reconfigured agency.

Pete Campbell:  Pete brazenly conducted an affair with the wife of a colleague.  She later had electroshock therapy and couldn't remember him.

Sally Draper:  Puberty has started for Sally, offering a moment to bond with her mother in contrast to the girlfriend relationship she seems to have with Megan.

Tune in tonight at 8:00 CT/9:00 ET for the premiere.

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