Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday morning coffee

- Let's give birthday shout-outs, shall we, to Missouri girl Sheryl Crow, who turns 50 today; Jennifer Anniston, still cover girl fodder at age 43; and Burt Reynolds, who clocks in at 76.

- CNN's Candy Crowley received the William Allen White Citation at the University of Kansas' School of Journalism & Mass Communications yesterday. And, in her remarks, Crowley noted that she's worried about an electorate that only gets its information from one news source. She also, when asked, said that if she'd done one thing different in school it would have been to "pay more attention in history." Crowley used that statement to point out that we live history every day.

- Did you see Modern Family on Wednesday night? Greg Kinnear's character was re-enacting the Saturday Night Live skit of the family who loves to kiss on the lips, regardless of gender or station. Funny stuff...

- When will Oklahoma Joe's in the old TGIF restaurant space open at 119th and Roe in Leawood, KS? There finally appears to be demolition and retrofit activity going on but the presumed opening date of this month seems optimistic.

- The Los Angeles Police Department captain who handled the crime scene on the day Don Cornelius killed himself was once on Soul Train. Captain Tina Monett Morris once appeared on the show, when she was a teenager, as a dancer.

- Given all of the lingering discussion about the commercial, and Clint Eastwood's role in the spot, methinks that Chrysler was successful with its Super Bowl advertising. The continuing conversation only keeps the brand in the public discussion well after the game is over.

- Google Wallet may be virtual but it appears that there is still danger of "losing" your wallet. According to, Google Wallet is "easier to crack than a walnut." A new hack surfaced today found that if you get your hands on a Google Wallet-enabled device, you can easily get at the personal information inside by tweaking a few settings and clearing the app data, allowing you to input a new pin all your own. Yikes!

- Search engine rankings for January 2012: Google, 66.2%, up from 65.9% in December; Bing, 15.2%, up from 15.1%; Yahoo, 14.1%, down from 14.5%.

- My favorite social media post of the week: "You can't be married to Gisele and win the Super Bowl at the same time. Fair's fair." (Source: Wall Street Journal)

- Finally, to all of my friends on Facebook who use that social media device as an hour-by-hour "here's what I'm doing" diary--have you ever heard of Twitter? Just sayin'...

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