Thursday, February 16, 2012

The bloom is off Glee's rose

Bad news, Gleeks--just a week before its season finale, Glee (FOX) posted its second-lowest rated show ever. The 2.8 rating on Tuesday night isn't bad, when measured against most network shows, but it continues an alarming trend--Glee's ratings have been dropping dramatically over the past few weeks.

The show averaged a 3.7 rating among 18-49 year olds two weeks ago, then fell to 3.3 last week before this week and the further decline to 2.8. That's a decline of almost 25 percent over two weeks. And, the show is down 38 percent from its first year when it averaged a 4.5 rating against the 18-49 year old demographic.

Historically, shows which experience this kind of decline do not recover. And, while this is Glee--a show which captured viewers' fancies when it debuted--it also faces the challenge of characters graduating and moving on. Next year, star Lea Michele will be gone from Glee's high school setting.

Will Glee survive? I'm sure there will be a season four but a major injection of improved storylines coupled with fresh, appealing faces is critical.

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