Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I love about business...

- Audio-visual equipment which never, ever works.
- People who reside in the office building where a meeting is taking place...yet join a conference call in order to "attend" that meeting.
- "Business casual" which has become code for "I'll wear to work what I wear on the weekend."
- "No weapons" signage at entrances into office buildings.
- Business language, with the basic tenet being "I'll sound smarter if I use more and/or longer words."
- Powerpoint presentations. Whatever happened to just talking about an issue?
- Favorite business words this week, which include "perspective," "timeframe," "surgical," and "discrete" (which often gets misspelled, thus totally changing the meaning in a rather embarrassing fashion.)
- "I'm not a creative guy but (insert idea/creative suggestion here.)"


  1. Haha, love these, especially the one about casual attire. I have one - how about having meeting after meeting after meeting... only to talk about stuff that you should be doing instead of meeting.

  2. My all-time favorite phrase in business is...."I'm not a creative guy, but...." Every single person you hate working with has used it multiple times. You know it's true.....

  3. I love the phrase, I have a "clarifying" question. Isn't that the point of any question, to gain clarification? You don't need to categorize your questions...

  4. My favorite is when someone says some completely inane, tedious and worthless project is ultra-critical because it is a [named executive] initiative. Makes me cringe everytime I hear that; like I'm going to call the CEO to verify if it's true.